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Description Currency A money value for any currencies configured for the environment. You can set a level of precision or choose to base the precision on a specific currency or a single standard precision used by the organization. More information: Using currency columns Decimal Number A decimal value with up to 10 points of precision.

More information: Using the right type of number File For storing binary data. Floating Point Number A floating point number with up to 5 points of precision.

More information: Using the right type of number Image Displays a single image per row in the application. Each table can have one image column. The Name you enter when creating an image column will be ignored. Image columns are always named 'tableImage'. Lookup Creates a reference to a single row for a single target row type. Multi Select Choice Displays a list of options where more than one can be selected. Multiline Text A text value intended to be displayed in a multi-line textbox.

Limited to a maximum of 1, characters. You can also set a lower Max Length. Choice Displays a list of options where only one can be selected.

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You choose which labels are displayed for each option. The default values are Yes and No. Save new column Once you have set the Display Name, Name and Data type properties you can select Done to close the Column properties panel.

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You can continue to edit the table and add additional columns or return and continue editing this column. The columns will not be created until you select Save Table to save all the changes to the table.

You can also select Discard to discard the changes you have made. Edit a column While viewing columns, select the column you want to edit.

You can modify the Display Name but you cannot change the Name and Data type if you have saved changes to the table to add the column. General Properties Every column has the following properties you can change: Property Description Required When this is selected a row can't be saved without data in this column. When a column is searchable it appears in Advanced Find and is available when customizing views.

De-selecting this will reduce the number of options shown to people using advanced find.

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Description Found within Advanced Options. Cum să faci rapid 25 de mii instructions to the user about what the column is for. These descriptions appear as tooltips for the user in model-driven apps when they hover their mouse over the label of the column. Note Making columns required: Be careful when you make columns required.

People may enter incorrect data simply to save the row and get on with their work. Set requirement dynamically: In model-driven apps you can use business rules or form scripts to change the requirement level as the data in the row changes as people work on it. More information: Create business rules and recommendations to apply logic in a form Advanced Find availability: Advanced Find is currently only available for model-driven apps using the Web Client.

Advanced find is not currently available in Unified Interface clients. Saving rows programmatically for required columns When a row is saved programmatically using web services, only the SystemRequired columns are enforced. Failure to set a value for SystemRequired columns will return an error.

Despre valorile privind afișarea în prima poziție sau în primele poziții Despre valorile privind afișarea în prima poziție sau în primele poziții Valorile privind afișarea în prima poziție sau în primele poziții reprezintă un set de valori privind vizibilitatea. Valorile privind vizibilitatea vă oferă o perspectivă asupra locației anunțurilor în pagină. Procentul de afișări în prima poziție în Rețeaua de căutare Af.

Setting a column to Business Required means that the default behavior of a model-driven or canvas app will enforce this requirement in the app. The request will not be sent to the service if the column has no value.

The app user is shown an error and prompted to add data to the required column before they can save the row.

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There are options within the app to override this behavior and allow operation to proceed if needed. Calculated or Rollup You can set a custom column to be a Calculated or a Rollup column.

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Columns that are not calculated or rollup columns are set de poziții pe opțiuni referred to as simple columns. Calculated With a calculated column you can enter a formula to assign a value to the column. More information: Define calculated columns to automate manual calculations Rollup With a rollup column you can set aggregation functions that will run periodically to set a number value for the column.

More information: Define rollup columns that aggregate values Number column options Each type of number column has absolute minimum and maximum values. You can set appropriate Minimum value and Maximum value within these absolute values. Do this to have Dataverse validate the values for the data you want to store in the column.

Choice column options Columns that set de poziții pe opțiuni a set of options can include their own set of local options or refer to a common set of global options that can be used by multiple columns. Using a global choice is valuable when you find yourself creating the same set of options for multiple columns.

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With a global choiceset de poziții pe opțiuni only need to maintain the set of options in one place. When you choose Multi Select Choice or Choice data type the designer will list a set of available global choices for you to choose from and provide the option to create a New choice.

If you choose New choice the default behavior is to create a new global choice. Note While you are editing options for a new global choice, the Display name and Name values are for the global choice rather than for the column. The default values match the column values, but you can edit them while you edit the global choice to be different from the column you are currently creating.

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If you want to create a local choice you must select View more and choose Local choice. Note If you define every choice as a global choice your list of global choices will grow and could be difficult to manage.

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If you know that the set of set de poziții pe opțiuni will only be used in one set de poziții pe opțiuni, use a local choice. Warning If you remove an option which has been used by an entity record the data for that record will become invalid after you save your changes to the global option set.

Before you remove an option that has been used, you should change the data in any entity record that uses that option to a valid value. When you delete a column, any data stored in the column is lost. The only way to recover data from a column that was deleted is to restore the database from a point before the column was deleted.

Note Before you can delete a custom column, you must remove any dependencies that may exist in other solution components. Set de poziții pe opțiuni viewing columnsif you select a custom column that can be deleted in the list, the Delete column command appears and is enabled. Use the Delete column command to delete the column. After deleting the column you must save the changes to the table.

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Note If you get an error related to dependencies, you must use solution explorer to detect dependencies. More information: Check column dependencies IME Mode IME input method set de poziții pe opțiuni mode specifies how a physical keyboard can be used to enter characters for text columns.