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Initial planning[ edit ] Stadium site before construction.

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The proposal called for the city of San Jose to rezone a parcel of industrial land in the city's Edenvale district to residential uses. The parcel is owned by iS tar Financial, but members of the Earthquakes ownership group own an option to purchase the land.

The site's industrial capacity would be transferred to surrounding properties allowing those sites to opțiuni binare ededale the density of the developments on their land, eliminating early generation single level developments.

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This would also preserve the industrial capacity for the city in the Edenvale area. The option on the land would then be sold and the proceeds would be used to construct the soccer-specific stadium on the Airport West site formerly the site of an FMC Corp. Additionally, Wolff and his partners will be funding and building the mixed-use development adjacent to the stadium out of pocket.

On April 15,it was revealed that a deal to sell the Airport West site to the group headed opțiuni binare ededale the Earthquakes ownership had been reached. The deal was approved after the May 21 vote by the San Jose city council.

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The Airport West site had previously been purchased by the city for a possible expansion to the San Jose International Airport infrastructure. However, as of Novemberthe airport had indicated that the land is no longer needed in any current or projected developments. The development would also provide new research and development, retail, and hotel jobs to the city.

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The iStar site would be developed with a mix of residential and commercial uses, while the Airport West site would be developed by Wolff with two hotels, as well as residential, research, and retail developments. In a San Jose Mercury News article in AugustLew Wolff backed off from publicly claiming a definite opening date for the stadium until a naming rights sponsor could be found and signed.

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The rezoning of the property was approved March 16, to allow for the construction of the stadium. If the economic climate continues to preclude the implementation of the stadium, the option includes provisions for the City to consider allowing retail on the stadium site. Groundbreaking and construction[ edit ] The San Jose Earthquakes held a demolition ceremony at the stadium site on March 3, to kick off a week demolition in advance of construction.

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On December 14, după opțiune, the planning commission approved the permit for stadium construction, which was subsequently appealed by residents nearby the site. On February 22,the commission heard the appeal and voted unanimously to reject the appeal and finalize the approval of the construction permit.

The team organization stated they still planned to open the stadium in The groundbreaking of the new stadium occurred opțiuni binare ededale October 21,[1] with 6, opțiuni binare ededale on hand digging into the ground, smashing the previous world record.

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An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was on site to verify the record. These obstacles caused the completion date for the stadium to be pushed back to July Demolition, grading, and the site utilities were installed by the middle of September The next steps in the process were the pouring of the foundations, followed by the steel erection.

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The first steps taken in building the actual structure of the stadium occurred on September 27,when concrete pouring of the team building and locker rooms took place. The first steel beams for the stadium were laid on November 5,and on March 28,the final beam was hoisted in place.

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